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Who is TSW Nursery Sales?


TSW Nursery is a growing nursery that works with Wholesalers, Growers, Retailers,  Architects, Designers and Landscape companies.

What can TSW Nursery Sales do for you?


Let the knowledgeable staff at TSW Nursery Sales solve all of your plant buying needs. Not only are we a high quality grower, but our nursery is located near many of the finest growers in our industry.  We can provide you with all varieties of plant material from liners, and bare root, to containers and field grown nursery stock.  All materials are inspected for quality, size and grade before it is loaded onto your truck.  We feature year round shipping and will hand tag plants to customer specifications.  We provide excellent friendly service and we can arrange shipping for your material.  When you recieve your shipment from us, you can be rest assured that it will meet your high quality standards.

At TSW Nursery Sales we are here to make your job easier!

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